Plan vs. No Plan Calculator

Plan vs. No Plan Calculator

This calculator can be used to show what an individual’s financial future might look like with and without a qualified retirement plan. Simply provide the nine pieces of data requested below and then click on the “Calculate” button. Choose your own contribution levels, tax rates and investment return assumptions.

Annual contribution to your account
Tax rate on ordinary income
First year expenses
Tax rate on investment income
Expenses in subsequent years
Current age:
Plan's rate of return
Retirement age:
Rate of return on personal investments

Following is a graph showing how your account balance will change each year. The blue bars represent assets in a qualified plan. The red bars represent your personal savings, if you do not have a plan. Below this is a table showing the cash flow and account balances for each year.

Comparison Chart (with Retirement Plan)
AgeBeginning BalanceContributionEarningsEnding Balance

Comparison Chart (without Retirement Plan)
Beginning BalanceDepositEarningsEnding Balance
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