Roth 401(k) Calculator

Roth 401(k) Calculator

Are you better off contributing to a Roth 401(k) or a traditional 401(k)? Find out!

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Marginal Tax Rate (optional)
You can estimate your marginal tax rate for 2010 by answering the following two questions.

What is your filing status?
Adjusted Gross Income

Balance at Retirement Adjustments

Annual Contribution
(Up to $20,000)

Annual Yield on Investments
(Estimate your investment return)

Pre Retirement Tax Rate
(Enter your marginal tax rate from above)

Post Retirement Tax Rate
(Estimate your tax rate after retirement)

Current Age

Retirement Age

If you invest in a traditional 401(k), you will have an immediate tax savings because your contributions will be deductible. Will you invest these tax savings to provide additional retirement income?

Balance at Retirement Results

Before TaxAfter Tax
Traditional 401(k)
Side Fund*
Roth 401(k)

If you contribute to a Traditional 401(k), you will get a tax deduction for the amount of your contribution. The resulting tax savings can be invested in a separate account (a "Side Fund").

If you contribute to a Roth 401(k), there will be no immediate tax savings and no Side Fund. This item shows the accumulated after-tax value in the Side Fund at retirement.

Single-Sum Withdrawal at Retirement Age


Withdrawal in Annual Installments

Insert the amount you will need to withdraw each year to live on:


Amount of WithdrawalMoney Runs Out After
Traditional 401(k)
Roth 401(k)
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