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About Kravitz
About Kravitz
Since 1977, Kravitz has brought its clients the latest in design, administration, and management of corporate retirement plans. Today's plan designs include cutting-edge executive retirement plans, which are no less significant than the very first Kravitz pension plan approved under ERISA in Los Angeles in 1978.

Since a 2001 law change, plans permit professionals like lawyers, physicians, business owners and senior managers to dramatically increase their tax-deductible contributions, sometimes over $250,000 per year. These plans are called Cash Balance Plans, of which Kravitz has been a pioneer.

Kravitz is the largest independent firm of its kind in California with over 75 employees, including 10 actuaries and 25 other highly trained and credentialed retirement professionals. The firm has offices in New York and satellite offices in nine other cities. The Kravitz team manages over 1,200 plans with $1.2 billion in assets, helping more than 150,000 people retire successfully.

Of Kravitz' 1,200 clients, 150 are law firms, 100 are medical groups and the rest are successful companies in virtually all fields of commerce. Many of the companies are nationally-known leaders in their fields.

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