FuturePlan’s Cash Balance Center of Excellence

Cash Balance plans are sophisticated, complex retirement plans that require customized design and specialized actuarial expertise. With significant tax deductions and IRS compliance issues at stake, plan sponsors need an experienced TPA with a record of long-term success.

FuturePlan joined forces with the nation’s Cash Balance plan leader, Kravitz,  in 2017 to form a nationally recognized Center of Excellence for Cash Balance plans. In 2018, Dan Kravitz , formerly President of Kravitz, was appointed FuturePlan’s National Practice Leader for Cash Balance Plans, bringing his exceptional team of actuaries and plan professionals to serve FuturePlan’s rapidly growing client base.

Before joining FuturePlan, Dan played a key role in popularizing Cash Balance plans across the nation, launching the Cash Balance Coach training program and writing a top-selling book on the topic. During his 20 years leading Kravitz, Dan and his expert team helped thousands of business owners implement innovative tax-efficient retirement plans. Today, backed by the power and strength of Ascensus, they’re able to help even more clients and advisors than ever before, with greater investment in technology, innovation and service.

Breadth of experience

FututePlan serves more than 4,000 Cash Balance clients across all industry sectors, ranging in size from small owner-only plans to complex plans with more than 1,500 participants.

National thought leadership

The FuturePlan team is the nation’s foremost authority in Cash Balance plan design, offering a wide range of advisor education tools, research reports, legislative updates, and a highly-rated training program, Cash Balance Coach.

Industry knowledge

FuturePlan’s Cash Balance team has expertise in designing plans for law firms, medical groups, and other professional services firms, including many with complex partnership structures. We also have insights on managing Cash Balance plans through mergers and acquisitions.

Guidance on investment strategy

We work with financial advisors to structure the right investment strategy and offer both Actual Rate of Return (ARR) and traditional safe harbor Interest Crediting Rate (ICR) options.

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