What retirement professionals are saying about the Cash Balance Coach™ training program:

The ability to go in and talk intelligently about Cash Balance plans is a huge differentiator for me. Cash Balance Coach is an excellent resource, and I feel confident having the resources of FuturePlan behind me. I know this can make a big difference in retirement savings for many clients.

Donald Musnicki, Wealth Management Consultant

In 28 years in the retirement plan business, I have not heard a more clear and concise explanation of the structure and function of Cash Balance pension plans. Kudos to Ken Guidroz and the folks at FuturePlan for rendering a complex subject simple and easy to understand.

William K. Flanigan, Vice President, Retirement Plan Manager, Merrill Lynch Retirement Group

A great program with information that I can use right away. All the presenters have an obvious command of the material and present the issues in a 'real world' setting. Knowing what information will be a hot button for a board of directors or a CPA is an invaluable tool for an advisor to have when making presentations.

Timothy Williams, Wealth Manager and Retirement Plan Specialist

The Cash Balance Coach program provides advisors with a superior marketing tool that gets everyone's attention.

Bryan Burkhart, Director of Retirement Plan Services, The Savant Group

A highly informative program and a great way to obtain an understanding of how cash balance plans operate. The Cash Balance Coach program really opened my eyes as to the potential benefit cash balance plans can offer clients.

Jim Eckl, Cobblestone Capital

As an Investment Advisor, I would highly recommend the Cash Balance Coach program to anyone involved in any phase of retirement plan process. Advisors stand the chance of losing clients if they are not armed with the information for this incredible tax saving device.

John O'Connor, O'Connor Wealth Management

FuturePlan has earned my trust and confidence as a new business development partner. I learned so much from this extremely helpful program am excited about growing new Cash Balance plan business. Thanks for the fantastic support.

Mitchell Marriott, Wealth Consultant, Shira Ridge Wealth Management

Thank you to all the folks at FuturePlan for making this excellent program and your resources available - both have been extremely informative.

John Maher, The Glass Freedman Company