FuturePlan Cash Balance History

FuturePlan’s National Cash Balance Center of Excellence has roots going back to 1989, when actuaries at legacy firm Kravitz designed and implemented the first Cash Balance plan in Los Angeles, for a thriving law firm. Dan Kravitz later bought the firm from his father and pivoted to a singular focus on Cash Balance excellence before joining forces with FuturePlan in 2017. Among FuturePlan’s 30 legacy TPA firms, several others brought extensive Cash Balance expertise and experience to help create the National Center of Excellence.

Today FuturePlan serves more than 4,000 Cash Balance plans from coast to coast, partnering with advisors in all 50 states who seek to help high earning clients reduce the tax burden and accelerate retirement savings. Dan Kravitz leads a team of 80 Cash Balance specialists, ranging from actuaries and plan document professionals to dedicated client relationship consultants and plan design experts. The extensive FuturePlan Cash Balance team is known for innovative plan design, responsive service and a commitment to easing the burden of plan administration.