Louis Kravitz founded the firm Louis Kravitz & Associates in 1977. Since then, Kravitz has made a name for itself designing and administering employer-based retirement plans.

The firm is the largest independent actuarial consulting firm on the West Coast with over 65 employees, including 10 actuaries and 25 other highly trained and credentialed retirement plan professionals. The company is known for its innovative plan designs and for finding ways to ease the burden of plan administration.

Louis Kravitz, the firm’s founder and namesake, wrote the first pension plan approved under ERISA in Los Angeles in 1975. In 1981, he and a colleague crafted one of the very first 401(k) plans for a construction company that is still a client today. At a 1992 USC Tax Institute speech he introduced a revolutionary new way of comparing benefits that has now become the gold standard in the retirement plan industry. In fact, he coined the term in that lecture that is now actually written into the Internal Revenue Code, “new comparability.”

In 1995, Lou’s son Daniel Kravitz joined the firm, and in 2004, he became President, bringing with him a new vision for the firm in the rapidly transforming field of retirement plans.

In the late 1990s the firm introduced executive retirement plans, called Cash Balance Plans, to many professional firms in law and medicine as well as a host of highly successful companies in all industries. Partners and owners saw huge increases in their pre-tax contributions with the Cash Balance Plan.

Headquartered in Encino, California with employees throughout the country, the firm now known as Kravitz continues to provide innovative plan design, unparalleled customer service, and unbiased consulting to its more than 1,000 clients.